No development without research - World Horti Center

No development without research

At Demokwekerij Westland at the Zwethlaan in Honselersdijk, Jeroen Sanders is working as a manager of research. Research is conducted here in various departments and in various areas. Later this year, in the new greenhouse at World Horti Center, this research can be done in an even better way.

Demokwekerij Westland works on research, innovation and knowledge transfer within greenhouse horticulture. Jeroen Sanders (39) has been researching at Demokwekerij Westland for ten years. He explains where he and his colleagues do: "Here we focus on everything that is happening in greenhouse horticulture. We are mainly concerned with fertilization, cultivation technology, climate and crop protection. There are several research areas of different sizes. It is a broad spectrum in which we operate in a specialized way, and at the same time put in a lot of effort. We go into the depths of our knowledge and, if desired, we collaborate with other knowledge partners. "


At the World Horti Center site, a big greenhouse will appear. "On the new location, research will be all the same, but of course we will have a more modern greenhouse with the latest facilities. Over the years, the greenhouse has been built up and now there are sections from five to fifteen years old. The new greenhouse becomes better and easier to manage with modern standards. For example, modern greenhouses are higher and of course you must have the latest techniques in cultivation tests. "

Jeroen vertelt enthousiast over zijn werk. “Het is echt leuk. Je bent met van alles bezig: van kleine beestjes tot sensoren. En je zit met heel veel factoren die van invloed zijn op het resultaat.”

Jeroen is excited about his work. "It's really fun. You are busy with all kind of things, from small insects to sensors. And you have a lot of factors that affect the result."

Number 1

The relocation to World Horti Center is scheduled for December. That will be a huge operation? "It sure will be. We will pass phased, because the tests are not ready at the same time. It will be nice if we can work there. We think that Demokwekerij has a good reputation and is known as a low-threshold and flexible organization. We regularly hear those reactions from growers. And it is important that Westland has a knowledge and research organizaition in Westland. Without research there is no development in horticulture. We must continue to compete with foreigners and it is important to participate as a research center. The Dutch horticulture sector is still ranked number one in the world. And we must of course keep it  that way!"

Published in Het Hele Westland on 31 May 2017

Text and photo: Geraldine Hindriksen