Summer of Innovation - World Horti Center

Innovations in the spotlicht

Summer of Innovation

During the Summer of Innovation, German-language trade magazine Gabot visited World Horti Center. The innovations are explains in separate articles. This German articles can be read via the links in the text.

During the entire summer, guests can visit the latest innovations and techniques at the Summer of Innovation Expo. Gavita will demonstrate the Wega LED, Van der Valk Horti Systems will show the ValkPoly+. There is also attention for indoor farming by companies like Hortilux and GreenSimplicity. CELINE will bring a completely new system for nutrient management, and visitors can see Royal Brinkman's Nanobubble Aeration.

De Gier Drive Systems will bring the THG76R/RK Rackdrive unit to the exhibition, Berg Hortimotive will demonstrate their spraying robot MetoSWT, and WPT Biobased will show that a lot is possible in the field of packaging with Bolayo, a completely compostable plant pot. Van Iperen will present their fertiliser-calculating programme, Van der Ende Group invites visitors to have a close look at the Airmix, and Pellikaan shows the QuteFruit, a mould with which growers can grow vegetables and fruits in various forms.

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The text links to articles published in Gabot. Published August - September 2020