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World Horti Center research center contains 36 fully equipped research sections. These research sections range from 85 to 170 m2. The sections are designed in such a way that they can be enlarged as required.

The climate and watering can be separately controlled for each section. We have varying amounts of artificial light per section, ranging from 7,500 and 10,000 to 15,000 lux. There are also a number of sections that are equipped with a high pressure misting system. Three sections are fully equipped with cooling, e.g. for Phalaenopsis cultivation.

In terms of watering there is a choice of six different fertiliser recipes which enables us to create recipes that are suitable for everything from tomato crops to Phalaenopsis crops. Alongside this choice of fertiliser, each section also has two separate watering systems. This enables us to carry out fertiliser trials on different crops.

The fully equipped research sections all come with:

  • Double fabric screens: shading fabric combined with energy fabric (LS 10). Three sections are also equipped with a third screen: a black-out screen
  • Ventilation windows that can be opened individually on both the leeward and windward side. The greenhouse roof is of the Venlo type.
  • The glass roof consists of toughened glass with a haze factor of 40
  • Their own monitoring box linked to a climate computer
  • Tube rail heating
  • Cultivation gutters or cultivations tables, depending on the crop.
  • Lighting if required
  • Watering to a maximum of three selected recipes per section

Research center floor plan

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