Theme squares - World Horti Center

Theme squares

In World Horti Center there are several theme squares. For these plazas we work together with knowledge partners and participants, this way we always offer the latest knowledge and innovations. The first theme square to open is I-Grow, which focuses on indoor farming. The next square is under construction and will open soon, this one is called Cultivation For Compounds and is about growing cannabis for content. After all, what else can you do with this product?

Both themes have an accompanying 360-degree film that can be seen in our Black Box. These films delve deeper into the themes and provide food for thought. After this, you can walk around the theme plaza and learn more about the companies behind the theme. Curious about the theme squares book a guided tour and experience it for yourself!

Curious about the I-Grow Pavilion? Check out what you can learn about indoor farming inside this experience via the button below.

Curious about the Cultivation For Compounds pavilion? Use the button below to find out more about the interpretation of this theme.