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Since 1989, MNP flowers is managing the European rights and is master licensee for all (future) products from the Japanese breeder Suntory Flowers Ltd. Each year we select new, unique and innovative breeding varieties in close consultation with Suntory®. During this time, we have created many major and unique brands, including Surfinia® Petunia, Million Bells® Calibrachoa, Sundaville® Mandevilla (Dipladenia), Senetti® Pericallis, Beedance® Bidens, Grandaisy® Argyranthemum and Princettia® Euphorbia (Poinsettia). This work continues and we are always evolving. MNP flowers stands for innovation, quality and creativity.

MNP flowers introduces new varieties three times a year: during the IPM in January, the FlowerTrials® in June and the FloraHolland Trade Fair in November. This means that there is always a reason to visit MNP flowers. Once again, our intensive cooperation with the breeding team of Suntory Flowers Ltd. has produced some brilliant varieties for the future. This has given us lots of inspiration and therefore we’ve created some exciting new concepts.

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