CfC International Event

On Monday June 10th the Cultivation for Compounds consortium organizes the CfC International Event at World Horti Center. Attendees can expect an afternoon filled with industry-leading speakers, the possibility to connect with up to 200 international cannabis entrepreneurs and the opportunity to make matches with the CfC participants. Next to that attendees will get to explore the research facility, which is a very unique chance.

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What is Cultivation for Compounds?

Cultivation for Compounds is one of the theme squares in World Horti Center, but above all it’s a consortium of several companies doing research on cannabis together. The consortium is focused on a key development in horticulture, production of plants for compounds, in this case cannabis. At World Horti Center visitors can walk through a laboratory at the theme square and discover more about growing cannabis for compounds and the various stages involved. They can discover what kind of products are being made from various compounds and learn more about the companies involved in the consortium. On June 10th the consortium organizes an international event in World Horti Center at the start of the GreenTech week.

Event program

The consortium is thrilled to share the packed knowledge program with you. On June 10th attendees will learn more about Cultivation for Compounds through several presentations and by connecting with the consortium partners. Highlight of the afternoon is a very exclusive excursion to the Vertify location where attendees get to see the ongoing research. Below you will find the program in more detail.

13:00 – 14:45 hrs | Explore the CfC Pavilion, indulge in the immersive 360 film, and engage in conversations with various participants. After the group embarks on a guided tour to Vertify for an insightful visit to the cultivation site and an in-depth explanation of the ongoing research.

15:00 – 16:30 hrs | Conference, following topics:

  • Timo Bongartz: All eyes on Germany – The latest and greatest about cultivation clubs, medical cannabis and recreational pilot projects
  • Sonny Moerenhout: CfC Cultivation Research Update
  • Panel Discussion: Exploring the Future of Cannabis Cultivation

16:30 – 17:00 hrs | Networking Reception

Mark the afternoon of June 10th in your calendar. The event is hosted at World Horti Center, Europa 1, Naaldwijk, the Netherlands. Registration for the event is required and can be done via this link: