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World Horti Center is home to a unique collaboration between businesses, education, research and public authorities. Our knowledge and innovation centre is a meeting place for employers and future employees. It’s also a place where students forge local and international contacts that form the basis for their future careers.

The emphasis is on knowledge and innovation, internationalisation and putting the greenhouse horticulture sector on the map. We do this by working with educational institutions and creating study programmes that align with professional practice and offer good career prospects. This web of collaborative partnerships creates a breeding ground for talent in which regional and international students receive intensive and high-quality education and support. A win-win for students and employers alike.

Under the roof of World Horti Center you’ll find MBO Westland, part of the Lentiz education group, Albeda College and ROC Mondriaan. Around 1200 students attend here every day, taking a range of study programmes at secondary vocational level 2, 3 and 4. World Horti Center is also the home base of the Learning Community Greenport Horti Campus. The Learning Community brings together business and education (secondary vocational (mbo), higher professional (hbo) and university level (wo)) to drive innovative issues forward fast. Teachers, students and entrepreneurs come together at the Learning Community space to work on these innovations. The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities are a key partner in this.