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Become part of World Horti Center

Every year World Horti Center welcomes around 30,000 visitors from all over the world. They come to the greenhouse horticulture sector’s leading knowledge and innovation centre to gather inspiration and information. As a participant you can highlight your strengths by taking part in one of our theme squares, displaying information on an identity stand or showcasing products on a hardware stand. You can also rent office space at World Horti Center, giving you a permanent presence here. Whichever form you choose, participation is always part of the package.

Besides the many visitors we welcome, World Horti Center also has a number of unique features. It’s a place where businesses, education, research and public authorities work closely together on innovation in our sector. Vertify has 39 research greenhouses under the World Horti Center roof. And around 1,200 students study here at the MBO Westland secondary vocational college every day, taking horticulture-related courses and working closely with other participants here.

Read more about the options below and become part of World Horti Center.


Rent office space?

Rent office space at the very heart of the greenhouse horticulture sector. At World Horti Center, businesses, education, research and public authorities work closely together on innovation in our sector. By renting office space you automatically become a participant in World Horti Center, enabling you to benefit from this network. World Horti Center is located centrally in the Westland area of the Netherlands, with excellent connections to the A4 and A20 motorways. These unique premises boast a range of meeting rooms, an auditorium (the Rabotorium) and an attractive events square. As an office tenant, or participant, you can use these facilities at reduced rates. You can also arrange meetings with business partners in our restaurant or at one of the conference tables on the premises.


Identity stand

Your business’s very own piece of museum wall! In a museum you look at works of art – at World Horti Center it’s the latest innovations and technologies people come to admire. As a company you can display yours on an identity stand. These are a similar setup to exhibition spaces in museums. Show visitors what you stand for, what makes you who you are. You can do that using video, eye-catching images – or your own innovative solutions. We provide a sign with information about your company and a link to our visitors’ app, where visitors can find out more about your company and the products or services you offer and get in touch with you.


Hardware stand

Want to go one bigger? Then rent a hardware stand. This gives you more space to showcase your products, technologies or innovations. Think of it like a trade fair booth but without the chairs, tables and bar. It’s all about the products and displaying what you have to offer. Inspire and inform visitors and showcase your company’s strengths.


Various benefits

Do these options appeal to you? Then we have good news, because whichever option you choose, they all come with a range of benefits:

  • Discounts on meeting rooms several times a year
  • Free participation in the job fair held during Talent Week
  • Access to Let’s Connect networking events
  • Opportunity to pitch to local and international delegations
  • Free participation in Let’s Meet, the networking event for the horticulture sector
  • Participant events, exclusively for you as a participant.

To find out more about participating in World Horti Center, contact our account manager Will Zuiderwijk at and become part of World Horti Center!