Cultivation for Compounds

Cultivation for Compounds focuses on a key new development in horticulture: producing plants for compounds. In the future we expect the emphasis in our sector to increasingly shift to growing for compounds rather than simply maximising production quantities. In our Cultivation for Compounds theme square, the focus is entirely on growing cannabis for compounds.

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The unique feature of this theme square is the collaboration between Vertify, Cultivators and World Horti Center and a group of dedicated suppliers who together form the Cultivation for Compounds Consortium. The companies that make up the consortium also have extensive experience in the global legal cannabis industry. They are carrying out a joint four-year study at an external site.

In the theme square you can walk through the laboratory and discover more about growing crops for compounds and the various stages involved. Look at a hologram of a cannabis plant, tap one of the touch screens to find out more about the companies behind the theme square or check out the display cabinet to discover what products are being made from the various compounds. There is also a 360° video introduction to the subject which can be watched in the Black Box.

On this page you will find various articles and images on this theme. And to find out even more about Cultivation for Compounds, why not book a HortiXperience? We also put on multiple events on this subject every year so keep an eye on our events calendar for details.


Cultivation for Compounds news

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Cultivation for Compounds

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