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Meet the I-Grow participants: Modiform

In this new article series we will introduce you to our I-Grow participants. Get to know more about the companies behind this theme square. What makes them unique? And what...

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Cannavigia’s Participation in the “Cultivation for Compounds” Project
International Cultivation for Compounds event on June 10
Seventh I-Grow Inside: Growth Strategies: Private Equity’s Impact on Horticulture?
“Cultivation for Compounds consortium connects and informs growers and suppliers in the cannabis industry,” Cannabis-Drying.com
“Research is the Time to Make Mistakes and Learn” MJ-Tech about Cultivation for Compounds Consortium
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Cultivation for Compounds; The laboratory is the eyes and ears of a project like CfC
DCM about Cultivation for Compounds consortium
Cultivation for Compounds; Interview with Jeroen Sanders, representing Vertify
Cultivation for Compounds; Interview with Juliette Pijnakker of Biobest Group