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The I-Grow Pavilion at World Horti Center is a unique collaboration between the top indoor farming companies in the Netherlands. Together they have developed an experience in which visitors can find out all there is to know about the latest developments in this innovative industry. But I-Grow is more than just a place to learn about indoor farming. It’s also a community of pioneers who are willing to share their knowledge and build meaningful relationships with each other, with public authorities and with institutions. By working together, the I-Grow community believes that they can develop much more quickly the indoor farming technology needed to grow healthy products in sufficient quantities in the future.

Find out all about I-Grow on this page – from articles to images and fascinating webinars you can watch here. Want to experience I-Grow in person? Then book a HortiXperience and state on the booking form that you want to visit this theme square. Our HortiXpert will tell you more about it, and of course you’ll get to see the 360° video in the Black Box.

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