Cannavigia’s Participation in the “Cultivation for Compounds” Project

Cannavigia is excited to participate in the Cultivation for Compounds project (CfC). The CfC is an innovative initiative focused on the advancement of cannabis cultivation for specific cannabinoids. This project brings together a consortium of 14 companies, uniting to foster research that enhances cannabis cultivation for particular compounds.

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As Europe’s leading compliance software provider for the cannabis industry, Cannavigia excels in tracing, securing, and simplifying operations. Our comprehensive modules ensure transparency and facilitate the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of cannabis goods. Since our inception, we’ve been committed to improving production processes and promoting transparency across all facets of cannabis manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, and supply. Our dedication has been unwavering in providing our clients with access to essential data, enabling them to make informed decisions to boost productivity, efficiency, and quality.

The concept of tailored cannabis experiences, achieved through the enhanced synthesis of certain compounds during cultivation, has long been a topic of discussion among cannabis scientists, breeders, and users. The CfC project represents a significant step towards changing the global perception of cannabis and other medicinal plants, emphasizing the potential to customize cultivation practices for optimal compound synthesis.

The CfC initiative, spanning four years, aims to observe and optimize greenhouse growth conditions to promote the synthesis of specific compounds or active ingredients in cannabis and other crops used for food and medicine. This research extends beyond cultivation, incorporating post-harvest collaboration with accredited laboratories to pinpoint key growth parameters that can be adjusted for specific compounds.

Cannavigia’s involvement in the project was greatly influenced by Elias Galantay, one of the Cannavaigia founders and Head of Innovation, and his keen interest in contributing to further advancements in the industry. This vision for innovation and development led to the collaboration that Cannavigia fully supports, showcasing our commitment to pioneering efforts that drive the industry forward. Elias, a successful business consultant with extensive experience in cannabis cultivation, saw the potential for Cannavigia to play a crucial role in this transformative project.

Cannavigia’s role in the CfC project extends to providing the digital infrastructure necessary for storing comprehensive data from various aspects of cultivation. The collective expertise and methodologies being developed for the cultivation of specific compounds highlight the nurturing environment CfC creates for all participants. This includes a wide range of cultivation mediums, fertilization programs, light regimes, and IPM strategies, making it a groundbreaking research endeavor.

Reflecting on our previous success with Switzerland’s WEED CARE project, we are determined to replicate and surpass those achievements in the CfC project. The potential of initiatives like CfC to revolutionize the industry is immense. Ultimately, we aim for products that can be safely prescribed due to a reliable supply chain from seed to final patient. By uniting different industry players, we can build the supply chain that the industry deserves.

Cannavigia’s compliance software plays a pivotal role in managing operations from facility and inventory to cultivation, tailored to meet the research focus of this initiative. This adaptation not only enhances our software but also benefits our clients who rely on our system for efficient operations in a complex market.


While the goal of cultivating cannabis for specific compounds presents its challenges, the key to success lies in analyzing real-time data. With Cannavigia’s data analytics tools, we’re breaking down the complexities of this research, setting the stage for a revolution in global cannabis cultivation. This endeavor will not only impact the way medicinal crops are cultivated but also ensure optimal results from seed to consumer, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of cannabis and medicinal plant cultivation.