Seventh I-Grow Inside: Growth Strategies: Private Equity’s Impact on Horticulture?

On Tuesday, April 16, World Horti Center will host the seventh I-Grow Inside webinar. During the webinar, a panel of professionals will delve into the topic of ‘foreign investments and private equity in horticulture’. In recent years, the number of private investments in the horticulture sector has increased. What does this mean for the industry? What are the benefits as well as the risks associated with these investments? The panel will share their perspectives on this topic and will also engage with the audience. I-Grow Inside can be followed online or attended as live audience at World Horti Center.

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What makes horticulture so appealing to private investors?

The world population is expected to continue growing significantly in the coming decades. Due to this population growth, there is less and less land available for agriculture. Meanwhile, the number of mouths to feed is increasing, posing a food security challenge. Therefore, it is necessary to better utilize our available space, and high-tech greenhouses can contribute to the solution. In the coming years, a global expansion of greenhouse area of at least 25,000 hectares is expected.

These investments from private investors bring various benefits. For example, a company can further develop and professionalize. Additionally, an investment, particularly from a foreign investor, provides access to other markets.

The panel

We are honored to have esteemed experts in the field of horticulture and private equity joining us for this webinar. Their diverse backgrounds and extensive experience make them valuable contributors to the discussion.

  • Maarten Hermus, Senior Zone Manager Horticulture & Food at Innovation Quarter. Maarten conducted research on (international) debt financing in the sector.
  • Wilco Schoonderbeek, Director Investments at Horticoop. Horticoop invests in companies such as Blue Radix and Lumiforte.
  • Franc Bogovic, COO & Vice-Chairman of the executive committee at Finance & Invest Brussels. Franc specializes in investing in start-ups and scale-ups

I-Grow pavilion

The I-Grow Inside webinar series is an integral part of the I-Grow Pavilion at World Horti Center. This pavilion showcases the advancements and advantages of high-tech greenhouse cultivation and indoor farming. Numerous visitors, ranging from students to presidents, investors to policymakers, have already gained inspiration and insights into indoor farming through this platform. The I-Grow Pavilion is a collaborative effort between World Horti Center and several leading companies in the indoor growing sector. Together, their goal is to present a comprehensive narrative of indoor farming’s potential to visitors and to foster collaboration, idea exchange, and industry growth among individuals and businesses involved in indoor cultivation.


The event will start at 14:30 CEST/GMT+2 and is free.