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Due to the situation at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, in many municipalities that lost bridges or were occupied, people were cut off from all logistics routes and lost many food products. Another problem now in Ukraine is that the southern territories of Ukraine, which are now occupied or suffered due to the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric station, supplied the whole Ukraine with berries and fruits before the war, and now the Ukrainians are deprived of their domestic products and buy them very expensively abroad. Therefore, a pressing issue in Ukraine today is the food independence of each region, which is both state policy and local goals. Many municipalities in Ukraine have projects for the construction of greenhouses. Also, Ukrainian agribusiness is striving for significant changes and technologies aimed at processing products, and therefore needs international partners, such as Dutch companies with their experience. At the same time, for Dutch companies the Ukrainian market is a new opportunity even during the war.

Practical and very important for Ukraine and the Netherlands Trade Mission “REBIRTH OF UKRAINE” will take place from April 24 to 26 in Westland region, which will open up new mutually beneficial opportunities for both parties. Dutch companies do not have to travel to Ukraine to present themselves, their products, and services, but key Ukrainian local decision-makers will come to the Netherlands.

The main goal of the event is to discuss specific pathways toward economic recovery in Ukraine with invited Ukrainian local government officials. During the war the Netherlands has resolutely supported Ukraine’s redevelopment through public-private cooperation. We hope that this mission will enhance this continuing cooperation both now and after the war and truly revitalize Ukraine.

The organizers of the mission are Municipality of Westland (the Netherlands), World Horticulture Center, Mayors` Club Ukraine in co-organization with Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of the Netherlands (TBC), Economy of Trust Ukraine Inc (EoTU), Ukraine Municipalities Economic Development Agency (UMEDA), Ukraine Development Alliance, supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO)

Main topics: Greenhouses, Horticulture, AGRItech

Subtopics: Logistics and sustainability (Energy, water resources, heating, zero waste circular solutions, etc. according to main topics)

For Whom: Dutch stakeholders interested in the recovery of Ukraine and direct cooperation with local leaders and partners.


Advantages for Participants:

  1. Direct engagement with local leaders and decision-makers
  2. Not just conversations, but meetings and work on specific projects and proposals
  3. Developing direct cooperation between Dutch and Ukrainian companies to encounter new clients, promote products, services, and brands, and expand markets
  4. Learning the potential of Ukraine at the local level of municipal and private business
  5. Demystifying Ukraine – learning about Ukraine’s people, culture and business practices.
  6. Insights into current policy directions and visions for the future.

The Ukrainian delegation, expected of about 15 Ukrainian Mayors and 30-40 representatives of Ukrainian agribusiness, will spend three working days in the Westland region:

Day 1 – April 24 – full day is planned to visit Dutch companies that want and can demonstrate their production and technologies.

Day 2 – April 25 – 1 pm-5:30 pm -a Netherlands-Ukraine Economic Recovery Promotion Business Forum is planned in the World Horti Center, the purpose of which is to get acquainted and communicate on the most current topics and hear first-hand from Ukrainian local leaders their presentations, projects, and proposals, as well as an opportunity for Dutch companies to present themselves. The expected number of participants is 200-250 people. Dinner is planned after the forum.

Day 3 – April 26 – a day of networking, round tables, presentations and B2B meetings between Ukrainian Mayors and businesses with Dutch companies representatives to discuss cooperation and potential deals.             Location: the World Horti Center.


Forms of participation for Dutch companies:

  1. You can invite the participants of the Ukrainian delegation to your enterprise, give a tour and show your capabilities in person (not for office communication, but to present the production “in operation”) on 24th of April.
  2. Take part in the forum on 25th of April as a listener or present on stage (the number is limited, only by registration and selection).
  3. B2B meetings and round tables in a networking format at the World Horti Center – a continuation of the forum for more detailed negotiations, on 26th of April full day.